About Inner Essence

Rediscovering Essence with Sandrine

I’m Sandrine, and my upbringing in a picturesque French town seemed perfect, yet inside, I felt suffocated for years. Following societal expectations left me feeling like a shadow of myself. At 22, I fled to Australia, exploring every corner for over a decade, breaking free from limiting beliefs. New Zealand became my next step in this journey. Through travel, personal growth, and overcoming a car accident, I discovered the power of reconnecting with nature, meditation, and self-healing. My life’s work emerged from peeling away layers to find my essence.

Now, I guide women to slow down, heal, and rediscover their hidden magic. Using techniques like Access Consciousness Bars and Lift me up Kobido massage, I aim to help women embrace their beautiful, concealed selves.

Unveiling Self-Discovery

Through extensive travels, introspection, diverse teachings, and personal growth, I’ve found myself. Reconnecting with nature, mastering meditation, and delving into various self-healing practices have been pivotal. A significant car accident just before turning 40 catalyzed immense reflection, pushing me to reclaim my strength and purpose.

Empowering Women's Journey

Drawing from a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, I’ve honed my skills in Access Consciousness Bars and Lift me up Kobido massage. These modalities embody my belief in the transformative power of touch, offering a pathway to self-healing and revitalization.


The Essence of My Work

My life’s work is a culmination of peeling back layers to uncover life’s essence—our inner magic, soul purposes, and life force. It’s a belief rooted in the idea that everyone holds these treasures within, often obscured by life’s demands, trauma, or societal pressures. My mission? To guide women towards slowing down, receiving, healing, and rediscovering these beautiful hidden facets of themselves.

Connect and Rediscover

If my journey resonates with you, join me at my home, just 15 minutes from Thames. Together, let’s take the time to slow down and embark on a journey towards rediscovering the essence of YOU.

Why Choose Inner Essence

A Personalized Path to Wellness and Empowerment

Journey with a Guiding Light​

Trust in a practitioner whose own transformative journey and mastery in holistic therapies pave the way for your profound self-discovery and healing.

Empowering Women's Wellness

Embrace a safe space to slow down, heal, and uncover the hidden layers of your inner strength and vitality.

Tailored Touch Therapies

Receive customized treatments crafted to your unique needs, ensuring a nurturing and revitalizing experience that resonates deeply within.

Experience Personal Transformation

Unlock the potential for personal growth through holistic healing, drawing from a journey of self-liberation and discovery.