Client Stories

A Testament to Transformation

Thank you for a beautiful massage Sandrine. After the first massage I noticed quite a change in my old scar tissue which has softened significantly. My neck had softened too and my skin is much plumper, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I am already looking forward to next time!
Lisa G.
I was very fortunate and excited to be invited by Sandrine to have a Japanese face massage. I’m not one for facials as such but the idea of a face, neck and head massage intrigued me. Knowing Sandrine as a friend and neighbour didn’t deter from her very professional approach and I felt so comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Calming music and an essence of peace in the room added to the experience, so much so I even dozed off for a while. The massage was relaxing but also firm where necessary. After, I felt relaxed but at the same time invigorated. My neck more supple, my face glowing and dare I say it, a bit more youthful looking. The technique Sandrine used alleviated puffiness around my eyes as one would expect from lymphatic drainage. Overall I could not have been happier with this procedure. Looking for areas of improvement, I could not find any. I look forward to my next visit with her and can sincerely recommend you experience this for yourself.
Frouk M.
Loved it!! As soon as the massage began, I felt the tension melt away, allowing me to completely switch off. I left feeling super calm and relaxed. Thank you Sandrine, already looking forward to my next visit!
Alva K.